How to create GCODE for LaserAxe machine.

I have a Laseraxe 100cm x 100cm machine. I want to do SIMPLE drawings that I can generate GCode for the Laseraxe machine's software to then operate the Laseraxe and cut thin wood( less than 1/8").

I have tried a few programs that generate GCode but there seems to be a lot of different Gcode formats.
The Laseraxe software is Chinese.

I wish they had stolen more software from Americans instead of writing the crap software they are making me use.

Any suggestions. I notes that most of the software suggested apply to 3D CNC milling machines. The Laseraxe is 2D no z-axis control or lifting, just spindle on spindle off which sounds funny with a 15W laser.

1 Answer

have you tried laserweb
Regarding the post processor just use generic grbl post p
hope this helps