i need to learn gcode , can anybody help


8 Answers

what do you want to know how to read it and what i means?

i need to start it , i will use solidcam , but i dont know how can start and how can i use milling .

yup this is about CNC

G code is not hard to learn, What style and what machine are you trying to learn gcode for? gcode is in many different formats and styles and it all depends on the machine and its fields of use.

thanks All really you helped me and put me on the first line

ya i use mastercam x5 but most g an m code is same like are you wighting program by hand or is your cam softwear generatin code for you and what type of machine are you useing to cut with?

If you are looking for the explanation of the code them selves have look at:
there you can find some general iso g-code.

i used plasma cutting machine could anybody ,give what type of machine in solidcam i will use, can anybody do it in g-code and sent it to me as example