How to create Motion study with an imported part in Solidworks?

Hello i am trying to do some motion study ( circular motor ) with an assembly saved as sldprt file , where the parts can be not recognised
But it does not work
Does some one has a solution for this case ?
Thank you

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2 Answers

I think you can create an assembly from a part file since those all came in as solids. You would have to export all the solids into an assembly file and then those bodies would then be able to be saved as part files. I'm not sure how to do this in solidworks unfortunately. Be careful though as you would likely have to re-asemble the drone.

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What Jonathan said is correct. If the assembly was saved as a part (like pictured) then it eliminates all of the data you need. You shouldn't even be able to open any of the parts individually, instead it will give you "Edit Feature" instead of "Edit Part"

It has turned from separate parts, to separate surface features.

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