How to create projected views in Autocad?

Is there any option to create the projection of any 3D part in Autocad?

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You may want to check out the commands SolView and SolDraw to accomplish what you are looking for. Using Soldraw "after using SOLVIEW, visible and hidden lines representing the silhouette and edges of solids in the viewport are created and then projected to a plane perpendicular to the viewing direction" in model space. These commands are helpful and will also create three layers for each viewport created in paperspace, they are Dim, Hid and Vis appended to the end of each viewport name.

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create 3d object then u get command viewbase.
select object entire model
Enter new or existing layout name to make current or [?] <Layout1>: regenerating layout.
Type = Base and Projected Hidden Lines thn u click on side when u want projection.
also u use view project command after view base command.
but view project command is use only in layout after view base command.
view base is use in model tab.
i always doing this command in projection view.
if u want 3d u use double click on object and get option select & hidden lines(h) view edit select style: shaded with visible & hidden lines(s) enter.

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Go to View. From the drop down menu select Viewports and from the submenu select the number of viewports you want (1,2,3 etc). There will be a new window in which you can select the orientation of your object in each view.
Take a look at this video for more details:

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