How to create structural stiffness calculation


I have a structure I would need to be able to support about 1.000 (one thousand) Kg without it flexing, or at the most very insignificantly (1mm).
The weight will be distributed, but I figure if it can hold at the concentrated point it'll then be just fine.

I tried a simulation, though not sure if I did it right, and I think the results are fine, but not being an engineer, I don't know how to iterpret the results.

The material of structure is carbon fiber, and thickness of tubes 2mm with a diameter of 90mm.

Could you please help me undertsand the results, also based on your experience would you say a 60mm or 70mm tubes would deliver same results, obviously not the exact same figures, but in terms of my flexin expectations.

I attach both the structure, if you'd like to run the simulation yourself, and result of my simulation.

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2 Answers

Your simulation results for 'von-mises stress' shows that the tube will not fail under the applied loads. However, it does not provide any information about the deflection under the applied loads. The structure will not fail but deflection may or may not be more than 1mm.

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Thank you.
How would I get the information about deflection?

Today I had a chance to physically touch a 92mm diameter, and 2mm thickness tube, and empirically I'd say there wouldn't be any relevant one; nevertheless it would be good to know how to do the calculation.

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