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How to create table pattern and variable radius fillet in Creo ?

By TeySteer on 09 May 15:53 5 answers 1 comment

I started learning Creo and i'm stucked at many things, for example how to create table pattern, or variable radius fillet along a radial or complex path (not straight)...

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5 answers

  • sumanth  mandava
    sumanth mandava almost 2 years ago

    You can create by using family table in can download tutorial video for family table in YouTube

  • dharmateja mediboina
    dharmateja mediboina almost 2 years ago

    To create table pattern go to extrude and create first object like box,cylinder, etc. now draw the pattern object and select the pattern object. Then go to pattern icon highlight the table pattern. First select length, ctrl+height, ctrl+diameter. go to edit give the required 1st member values, 2nd member values and so on. Then go to file and save. Again go to file and exit then select tick mark (green color). Then table pattern will be created

  • Gokul Arasu
    Gokul Arasu about 3 years ago

    To create variable radius fillet, click the round tool and select the edge u wanna create variable fillet. At the bottom of ur reference tab(set selection tab), 1 and ur radius values is displayed in table. Now, right click that 1, click add radius, a point will be added for varying radius, enter radius and where u wanna change radius at edge. Likewise, u can create multiple points of varying radius...

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