How to create this type of draw string bag

I need this bag 3d modeled, can anyone suggest me best way to make this, or where I can buy this model.

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Sub-d modeling in whatever flavor you like.

Might give Blender a crack at it if you're looking for 'free' stuff.

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Modeling that bag from scratch, with natural looking wrinkles and such, will be a very tall order. (at least for myself)

Probably the best way to model it with a typical "product design" cad package would be to start with a 3d scan of an actual bag.

Maybe there's a more 'art' based modeling system that could do it easily.

I have no idea where to buy such a model though, but someone else might.

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I agree with Robert.
The bag could be made in solidworks, but it may not look very natural.
Do you need the model for use in a rendering, or are you looking to model it so you can have a flat pattern developed for someone to sew?

Laser scanning will give you a model of the bag. It might take some hours of cleanup, editing, and misting with spray starch and powder to get a good model though.

You might also look at some of the more organic modeling programs like mudbox, zbrush, modo, and cinema 4D. Those programs are better suited to more organic shapes.

Try doing a search on turbosquid (or other 3d) sites for "fabric bag" or "fabric pouch". There are several models, but finding an exact match will be a challenge.

If the goal is to make a rendering that looks like the sample, then a 3D model of the bag may not be needed. That might be an actual bag in the background of this image. The other components look to be added to the image. It does not appear to have been rendered, or photographed as a whole.

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