How to cut a solid body into multiple sub-bodies?

I have a complex-shape solid body on which I've defined planes 4,5,6,7,8 respectively, all of them normal to the top plane and referenced to the respective pre-defined construction lines (see Cut Origin).
My idea was to "Cut With Surface" the original body, remove the unnecessary internal part and save the resulting body with a new name. This operation works with 4 sub-bodies (see the example on file "SZV belépő"), but doesn't work when I try to cut with Plane7. The message is: Rebuild errors, operation failed due to geometric conditions. The original body you find in file "Szárnyvég test".
What could be wrong?

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Uncheck merge tangent faces in the loft options. It needs to create 2 separate faces in order to cut it the way you want it.

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