how one can convert/merge multiple solid bodies into single solid body in parts in solidworks????

as I was importing file from SolidWorks to Ansys, I get to know that there is a limit in Ansys for the no. of bodies and parts.So how can I convert or merge the multiple solid bodies and multiple surface bodies in minimum (1 or 2)solid bodies and surface bodies?

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You can use the Knit tool to join multiple surfaces together. If the knit bodies form a single watertight surface, it can be converted into a solid body.
Insert - Surface - Knit

You can use the Combine tool to merge multiple solid bodies together. Oddly enough, the Merge tool also takes can of Boolean subtractions.
Insert - Feature - Combine

There are limitations though.
Surfaces with defects will not knit. Surfaces which overlap will not knit.
Bodies which are connected by knife edges, or a tiny point of contact (i.e. a cylinder which is tangent to a another body) will not merge. These often result in the "zero thickness" errors which plague SOLIDWORKS users.

Chances are you'll have a very difficult time forming the bodies in your screenshot into a single solid body. It can be done, but it may take a lot of patience, and experience.

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