How to delete a old shetch no more used in SW tree?

Hello, I'm trying to get rid of some old sketch, but If I delete it, all feature will be deleted as well, even when the sketch is no more in use in the feature tree.
Any idea why?

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It means there is still relation to old sketch in your latest features. For ex. you have created sweep1 feature using plane 1 as reference. But if plane 1 has reference to Sketch3, then you have a reference trail. So if you try to delete Sketch3, you will have a domino effect. Try to move Sketch3 down the model tree, when it can't move it below a specific feature. That's the feature which has reference to sketch 3.

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Tools - Relations - Display Delete
If you use this tool while in a sketch, you'll see all of the relations in it. Clicking each relation will highlight the elements it uses.

It is not a perfect system for figuring out how/why a sketch has relations to another item though. You the user are the best tool to prevent these accidental relationships. Be very thoughtful when adding relationships in a parametric modeler. They, along with your dimensioning scheme dictate how the model behaves in the future.
I think it is a good idea to delete unused sketches, but in this case your sketches are being used. Another option is to simply hide them.

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It seems that the problem is due to a reference point included in the sketch3 used into the plane1.
But how do you find out "point2@sketch3" inside sketch 3? There is no information on sketch 3 regarding this point!

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