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How to design an Open Scale Model Wind Tunnel

By Kanaiya on 22 Feb 20:02 10 answers 1 comment

I would like to use this as a template for a project I'm working on.

Can someone design an open scale model wind tunnel with a test section area of 15x150x300mm using Solidworks. Also can be applicable to use during CFD and aerodynamic testing. It will include the usual components of a Wind tunnel. (Diffuser, Suction Fan etc)

Your name can be used as a acknowledgement in my paper if you choose to.


10 answers

  • Andreas Panayiotou
    Andreas Panayiotou over 2 years ago

    Thank you. Now I understand it. I tried to make some small modifications on the wind tunnel model you have posted earlier on but I get some difficulties. Is there any way to change the ratio value and put plexiglass around the test section area ? Basically I tried to modified it to become like the UUC low turbulence subsonic wind tunnel, if you can take a quick look.

  • Donțu Daniel Nicolae
    Donțu Daniel Nicolae over 2 years ago

    You can change the material of the test section area by applying the material on each face of the testing area. I will try to change the ratio value by addind another plane for the loft command.

  • Andreas Panayiotou
    Andreas Panayiotou over 2 years ago

    Great model. Thanks i will try to find out a way. Furthermore I have some questions about the Flow Simulation of SolidWorks. I am trying to achieve a Cd for an SD2030 airfoil but I am achieving a lower value. Despite the finer mesh I tried and the boundary conditions I have put still from the target value of 0.8 I am getting 0.6. Is there any parameter that I can later to get closer to the target value ?

  • Andreas Panayiotou
    Andreas Panayiotou over 2 years ago

    I am also doing a simulation in SoliWorks and the experimental data are taken from a wind tunnel with contraction ratio 7.5:1. What contraction actually means ?

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