How to design the below extension spring in NX?(image attached)

Can anyone please guide to design the extension spring for ramsbottom on NX with the dimensions given in the figure...

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create helix like that , and use swept for it, also you have to used 3D curve or bridge curve or you can use 3D spline also

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Hi Suhas,
here you can find your model:
Tension Spring
The helix and arcs were modeled with different dimensions (better to model the guide curves in the center point of the cross section - in your example the circle center).
There are some checking on the given dimensions, note you should decrease the tolerance value in the Tube to get this result (default value 0.01, applied value 0.001).
Hope this helps!

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I'll suggest making a template spring and driving it with expressions IF you ever plan to make an extension spring again. Then it's simply a matter of opening the spring, doing a save-as to your new part no and modifying the expressions. Taking that one step further, making it deformable gives you a spring that can be parametrized when loaded into an assembly.

If you just want to make a spring... drive these distances with a dimension between centers instead of the expression. (see "extensions_loops_length")

Then you drive your helix (see "helix")

A couple of bridge curves later & a swept tube (see "finished spring")

Parameters for creating a master spring (see "paramaterized_ext_spring")

Hope this helps.

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