how to do scaling of product in catia v5?

i mean that if have a product or assembly part and i want to scale it then how i will do it?

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Thats right I am agree with Ozgur kesebir, my friend, that only you can scale the assembly or part in drawing, but I dont know that term, that you want to do.

Please send us an example with snaphot to help you.

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How to do scaling in skatch in part in draft and assmbly catia?

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I have found that scaling in CATIA doesn't work so best to open the part or assembly in Solidworks then scale it and save as a step so you can bring it into CATIA.
Solidworks RULES!

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I think that I need to learn. why do people want to scale assembly file? If you know telll me with an example.

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Insert a co-ordinate system- Then Insert-Transformation feature-scaling. Chose the newly defined co-ordinate system as the reference. Chose the ratio of old to new, select the body and OK.
Scaling doesn't work in assemblies. You need to convert the assembly as a CATPart fileand then use the scale function.

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