How to draw a scalpel

I was wondering , cause i am having a project on drawying a scalpel using NX. I have download some of the file uploaded by people but i can't seem to edit it ?! by right can i edit it ?

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What type of file did you download? If it is an STL file, you will not be able to edit it.

STEP, IGES, DXF, or Parasolid files are editable as well as native Solid Edge, Solidworks, Catia and Ideas files.

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I downloaded a STEP file of a scalpel handle posted by Stephanie Darley. When it is opened in NX, you cannot edit as you would a native NX file because it is a "dumb" solid without a feature history. You need to create any new feature you want or you can do some limited editing using Synchronous Modeling, i.e change radii, diameters, drag faces, copy faces, replace faces, delete faces, etc. Take a look at the attached file for some examples.

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