How to draw aspoon with SolidEdge?

I want to know how can i draw spoon with features or surfaces with solid edge program

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Hi Hemmat

There are many ways to model an item in Solid Edge. Your solution is driven by several factors, your skill, knowledge and experience are of course the most important. Considering this task, a spoon, typically has a flowing, organic shape. I would recommend using surfacing but this is a skill set normally possessed by more knowledgeable users. Have a go at the online tutorials that Siemens provide or contact your local reseller for advice.

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Thanks Maz, but this link does not work and i need to know some ideas to draw the spoon

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hi friend a simple spoon can be made in surfacing or in solid but for varying thickness we recommand surfacing command.command use are......
thin wall
if my model is important for you than reply me

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