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How to drive chain along the curved path in autodesk inventor

By Hasnain Bhatti on 24 Dec 07:05 2 answers 0 comments

I want drive chain having 15.875mm pitch along the curved path to animate a conveyor. path is shown in the attached file. Help in this regard will be appreicated thanks

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Square Square


New Chain assembley1.iam, 214 KB
Bike Chain - Copy.ipt, 177 KB
Roller Chain Sprocket11.ipt, 403 KB
Curved Chain new q.ipt, 96.5 KB

2 answers

  • Hasnain Bhatti
    Hasnain Bhatti almost 2 years ago

    I downloaded this file and will try by using this method..I want for someone expert who download my models and work on it and share to me for better understanding.Any way thanks JSE for sharing me this link...

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