How to export a revit file from revit to autocad, with a customized txt export file.

Thos is mecessary for decreasing work time. I make my model in revit but I finish the project in autocad software. And I need the best bridge.

2 Answers

Follow these steps to use standard custom AutoCAD blocks in files you exported from Revit:
Define "optimal" export settings as standards in a Revit project file or template file. (You can define different optimized settings for different scenarios.)
Remember that you can use "Transfer Project Standards" to transfer these saved settings from one Revit project to another.
Define your AutoCAD Template file with your desired custom blocks and settings in it. You can test it with the Revit file export definitions and make refinements if necessary.
Once both your AutoCAD Template file(s) and your Revit export settings are fine-tuned, you can apply the export settings on every project file and use them to export DWG files from Revit.
To continue working with the drawings exported from Revit in AutoCAD, place the exported DWGs into your pre-defined AutoCAD Template file.

Select the application menu (the big "R") and go to export and select the cad format. It should convert all the revit categories to autocad layers. hope that helps.