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How to export solidworks spline points to a .txt file.

By H.U.Manupriya on 27 Feb 07:59 5 answers 9068 views 5 comments

I desire to know how to export Solidworks spline points to a .txt file.
Thank you.

5 answers

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh over 3 years ago

    Here am posting the Program code:-

    Macro to read 3d Sketch points and export to Excel or text file..!!

    caution this program reads the points in order of creation so you may need to rearrange your data in excel if they are out of order!

    Answered with a tutorial:

  • Sourbh
    Sourbh over 3 years ago

    Hi this one is written source code (Macro) to export the file to text..!!

    Edited © version to share, if it's not work than feel free to tell me And please use it only for Educational purpose.
    I will re write for you.



    Sourbh- ExtractSplinePoints to text.swp, 43 KB
  • Sourbh
    Sourbh over 3 years ago

    if u want to extract it to notepad then right click on the
    .sldcrv file------>select open with---->select notepad as the program.


  • Marco Semeraro
    Marco Semeraro about 2 years ago

    Hi Sourbh,
    I just ran your macro on a 3Dsktech (SW2012) with N points, but it returns 2N triads of coordinates: each point is counted twice and they are put in a crossed order. Attached the excel returned by the macro (I compiled column A with the cardinal numers of the first 5 points).
    Can you help me fix the problem?
    Than you!


    Cartel1.xlsx, 10.9 KB

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