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How to extract XYZ coordinates from a curve or surface?

By Zhijing Liao on 30 Jan 23:48 1 answer 2 comments

Hi! I've got a curved surface with some surface roughness(shown below) and I'm going to get this surface flattened with the same surface roughness and get this flat surface 3D printed. So I need information about these surface roughness(e.g the height of the roughness etc). How can I extract the coordinates of the points on this surface or a single curve on the surface? Do I need to draw points on the surface manually?
Or is there an easier way to get the information about the surface roughness?

Many thanks in advance!

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1 answer

  • Thilina
    Thilina 9 months ago

    Select a plane which cross the surface and go to the sketch. Then select the surface and use intersection curve . Then extrude that curve

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