How to find pressure drop and other parameters related to check valve in Solidworks flow simulation?

Hello Everyone,
I'm working on a small project in which i have modeled a single Plate Wafer Check valve according to API Standard 594.I cant share the actual design file because of confidentiality.Now i want to perform the simulation of check valve in order to determine the pressure drop,velocity and other related parameters across the valve.The following data are available with me for check valve:
1)Mass flow rate:850 m3/hr.
2)pressure at inlet:10 bar.
3)pressure drop should not exceed above 0.5bar
4) flow is turbulent
I've perform the simulation but i dont know how to find the pressure drop, can anyone suggest me,
1)which parameters should i find for valve.
2) How should I define boundary conditions at inlet and outlet
3)Should i set initial boundary condition at 10 bar.

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