how to fix this problem: solidwork part feature

Hi all solidwork Users,

I am getting Common Problem during working on Solidwork 2014.

My problem is , When I am working in part modeling & I import part file in single part file(please confirm this is not assembly file) it's sketches of new imported part file not controlled properly. & So which I unable to use this absorbed sketches for reference.

please give reply or suggestion over this if anybody pass this problem.

please find attached file, in which brown part is imported in main part, & that second part sketches is shifted, (not on exact position)

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2 Answers

The sketch comes in to the part located properly.

After the part is imported and placed, it is the body-move/copy2 feature that is un-aligning the sketch from the solid geometry. This is the anticipated behavior.

If you want to create reference to the body in it's new location you could just reference the hole rather than the sketch.

Or, you could "edit feature" on the imported DG0002 and make sure it imports into the correct location from the start by adjusting it's starting location with "translate/rotate" or assembly-like "constraints", and then the imported sketch will be with its imported solid.


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Thanks for your Reply.

But sometimes the situation is come when we need to use sketches for to reference like offset of profile & something more.

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