How to gain a better understanding of FEA using solid works?

Hi Grabcad community,

I just joined this website and I am very impressed with the solidworks models I have seen in this website. wonderful sw skills. I am about to finish my B.A in mechanical engineering. I would like to ask the gracad community:
1 how to improve my sw drawing skills ,
besides using sw tutorial website any suggestions ie: ebooks, books, tutorials?

2. I would like to have a better and deeper understanding of FEA using sw simulation tool. Any ideas ? books? websites? tutorials?

Thank you for your support

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2 Answers

Try book "Engineerng Analysis with SolidWorks SImulaiton 2012"
It is also on You may dowload examples from GrabCAD

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The way to improve your 3D skills is definitely by using tutorials. Personally I like the video tutorials. The tutorials tell you exactly what to do and why. After you go trough many tutorials then find as much models as you can (2D drawings) and make 3D models from them. Than find everything interesting inside your house and model it. Also the way to improve your 3D skills is downloading the 3D models from grabCAD community and analyzing the design tree of each model.

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