How to generate a worm drive CAD file?

Hello everyone, I am doing a project for a worm drive for my mechanical engineering class and im trying to find a quick way to generate this CAD file. Problem is I need to be able to set every parameter as I made all the calculations on paper. I am trying to do this at inventor 2019 but I can only set a few parameters and it calculates the rest but i need this cad file to have the exact dimensions that i got on paper. Any advice?

2 Answers

Hoi Felipe,

when you use Worm Gear Component Generator,
then you can click in the rigth upper corner "Results"
I think that is wath you are looking for.


Hoi Felipe,

why would you change " root diameter " ?
When you now that it is depending of other parameters.
I attached an folder,
and maybe you understand what i mean.