How to hide my email address...?

Hey guys. My email address is open to public view, and it SHOWS UP ON GOOGLE.

If you can't fix this, I will have to cancel my account. Please help.

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Okay, first I was ready to be all up in your grill about it, because I already knew that, and that box has always been unchecked in my profile. So I just went there to double check and make sure it is still unchecked, which it is, and always has been.
But then I noticed ...**Are you ready for this?**... somehow an autofill function (or maybe just me) had put my email address into the "Website" field. Bwahaha! I apparently punked myself!

So... False Alarm, everybody... sorry for bothering you, and thanks for the kind response.


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How am I getting emails from ppl if my email box is unchecked? I get spam from ppl and they say they got it from GC.

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