How to import 3D'sMax file to AutoDesk Inventor?

How would I be able to make a model in 3D's Max and then open it in Inventor?

I have tried to export a few different file types but I still can not open the file
with Inventor.

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why are you trying to import 3ds files in inventor? faceted surfaces are useless in inventor.

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I have a solution. From the quick read I did you want to create the body of a car. In 3ds max you can build the the body using box modeling or Subdivision techniques. From there export the low res mesh make sure its quad based as ,OBJ. Then open maya. as a student you can get a free version and convert Polys to SUB-D then SUB-D to NURBS. Then export as a .iges and open in inventor. I'm not sure but 3ds Max may be able to do this nativly. Send me a message if you need more details...

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Hey Dan, it doen't work. I've tried all day and nothing..
Do you have another tip?

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Thank you Dan will have a little look @ them forums :)

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Export from 3DS Max as STL (stereolithography file). Import into Inventor version 2013. STL is a facet representation of a solid and when imported into Inventor the part becomes a single solid blob so no feature tree. However that might be all you need. Does not work with earlier versions of Inventor. A 30 day trial can be obtained from

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It is possible to import inventor file to 3ds max, but i think there is no possibility to import directly from 3ds max to inventor

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Here you can find info about importing STL's from 3ds Max 2012 to Inventor 2012:

Your .stl files have to be fully closed ("watertight"), or they won't convert to a solid. This can be checked, and repaired if necessary, using Netfabb Studio:

They have a basic free version that should do for most common tasks.


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I have one table for your question ,send it to you dear.

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I have a question. How do I export an Inventor assembly and import the 3D MAX, but that is not a block. So I can apply appropriate materials for each piece, so I can make my reenderização. How can I do this kind of application? sds NATAN Nazario CORRÊA

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In the past when you needed to work on a 3ds Max model in Inventor it was quite a bit of work to get the model in Inventor and you ended up with a very heavy model.

The old process

1) Export the 3ds Max model in 3ds format.
2) Import in Mechanical Desktop using the 3DSIN command.
3) Export as Iges surfaces.
4) Import in Inventor.
5) Stitch the surfaces to a solid.

The resulting file will be very heavy in Inventor as every triangle is a separate surface: it works fine for simple meshes but isn't recommended for complex files.

The new process

1) Export the 3ds Max model in dwg format.
2) Import the dwg in Inventor (make sure you use the option to create a new part otherwise you get a drawing),
3) Stitch the surfaces to a solid.

For the stitch to solid step to work you need to make sure that the model doesn't have any gaps, apply a STL Check modifier and fix any issues before exporting the model. Alternatively if the model has holes you can fix that in the construction environment in Inventor.

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