How to import Pro/Engineer .prt file into Ansys?

i have to convert into .iges format to get it imported. any ideas how to directly import .prt file into ansys?

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If your ANSYS software cracked you can't directly import your Pro-E model into ANSYS but you can import by converting your model into iges format then import to ANSYS it will be work.......

there are 2 methods to import .prt files from Pro/ENGINEER except export iges file to ANSYS.
1. when you setup ansys configuration,config the ANSYS interface for Pro/ENGINEER.then ,you can import prt files to ansys directly from the interface.
2. using FEM mode of the Pro/Mechanica.Pro/Mech can be used as FEM pre-processing ,it can export fem model with .ans file.

please i have model draw in autocad in 2d but when try to import to ansys work bench appear message call not attach why ???what extension of autocad can be used with ansys??

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First and most better option is to use ANSYS DesignModeller for export. Other option is to export your model directly from CAD such as parasolid or iges. It is not necessary to import in ANSYS the ProE model in their original format.

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Hi ! The easiest way is to install the Ansys plug-in on ProEngineer. With the plugin the whole process is made automacally from ProE to Ansys.
To install the plug-in you must go to Ansys folders and look for the Ansys Workbench CAD configurator (run as administrator). There you must select the ProEngineer, the folder were ProE is installed, click "Configure CAD", and that's it ! Afterwards you will find am Ansys option on ProEngineer, right after Help.

usually universal formats like parasolid and iges are what you should use when you are dealing with modelers like ansys and comsol

I prefer to export in Parasolid .x_t extension sometimes .stp works very well