How to import ansys workbech 11 file to ansys 11?

I need to find bending moment and shear force diagram for a beam..

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If you will used Workbench like an intermediary, it is very easy to do the next steps:
1. Import your geometry into ANSYS DesignModeller, and made there your last simplification and modification on geometry, then
2. Import your new model in Workbench module, then
3. Put your boundary conditions on the model, attached the materials to your components (if you have an assembly), then
4. Make your mesh, based on your level of precision refer to results and based on your computer characteristics and time spent with solving the problem, then
5. Using, possibilities from Workbench to denominate line, surfaces and bodies, denominated your parts from assembly both with surfaces where you will attached the loads with specific name,then
6. Using option from Tool, denominated Write ... , you can export your model (carefully only elements and nodes) to ANSYS APDL, then
7. Open APDL and import your model using extension of file from precedent point.

Using this technique, can be solve multiple load steps, one load step, etc, using ANSYS APDL.

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if you can open the model in SolidWorks, save it as "Parasolid" then you can import the model to "Ansys Multiphysics".