How to insert colorful 3D model in Ms. Power Point

I'm trying to insert 3D model to my presentation slide in Ms. Power Point. But the model just unclolored.

I've try to export .sldprt to .stl in order to make it insertable. But the my 3D model become grey (color doesn't apear). The problem is Ms. PPT can only open .fbx, .obj, .3mf, .ply, .stl, and .glb. But the only matched format can be export from Solidworks is .stl.

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Do you need to move/rotate the object in powerpoint?
I would not use powerpoint as a CAD model viewer. If possible, I'd make use of something like eDrawings.
eDrawings are not great, but they have to be a step up from powerpoint for viewing data. eDrawings will support colors, rotation, zooming, measuring, sectioning, and hiding of parts.
It should be possible to embed the edrawing file, or launch it as an executable (if they still do those), or even as an html version.
Check it out and see if it would work for your application.

I've attached a sample OBJ file. I applied some colors/materials to it. Maybe you can see if it works. If you really need to use powerpoint as the viewer, I'm sure I or someone else can convert the SW file to an OBJ with colors.
This file has color when imported to photoshop. I don't know about powerpoint.

Another option is to save the SW model as a 3D PDF. It would be a lot like the eDrawing, and it should open directly in powerpoint.

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Check the Powerpoint in the attachments. I made a test block and added colours directly to the model. It works for me. I simply saved the file as .SMG and used the normal procedure for adding the 3D Model into Powerpoint.

If you still have doubts, I can post step by step procedure.

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I know Fred had mentioned this above but I wanted to confirm on the 3D PDF method. I use this method fairly often when trying to have the client view the models (or sub-components marked with a different color.) without needing to dig any deeper into the designs.

The plus side is that you can squeeze it into a powerpoint document and zoom/scroll around the model, with the downside being the focal point.
3D PDF locks onto the center of the screen and will only zoom on that location. It will not give you the ability to rotate and dig deeper into individual parts.

Might be worth looking into:

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Hi Zulfa, I am facing the exact same problem.
My solution to that is:

1. Save your 3D models into .stl or .obj
<Direct import to powerpoint will cause colorless object/assembly.>
2. Import your .stl or .obj to Microsoft 3D builder.
3. Ungroup your assembly into separate parts using the button provided.
4. Press edit on top left corner menu bar.
5. Modify the part/surface colors to your own application.
6. Save into .3MF.
7. Import to your powerpoint.

Please do tell me whether it works or not.

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Hi Jeffery,
Yes it works.
Also, you don't need to paint it if you export the collors from Inventor.

Attached there's a picture of 3D Powerpoint.

Thanks a lot for your for support.

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I facing the same problem.
Can anyone solve it?

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