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how to insert template in layout ?

By veeraprasadreddy on 20 Apr 05:29 2 answers 1 comment

my qustion is how to insert temlet in layout ,i tryed but not inserted to layout, my layout&my standered template dimensions are given attached file
help me please.



2 answers

  • Ioannis Skarlatakis
    Ioannis Skarlatakis over 4 years ago

    Hi there

    To insert a template in a layout is odd I am telling you!
    But if you want to insert a layout in this specific .dwg file from another file or template that's different & check below...

    So, before mentioning anything please confirm if you have done the following...

    1.Go on your layout tab and right click...
    2.Add layout by clicking the "From template..."
    3.A dialogue is open showing only .dwt files...
    4.By selecting a template file another dialogue pops up and shows the available Layouts.
    5.Select one and press ok

    So far apart from the new layout in your file you will find available these below...

    -Potential blocks that they are attached e.g. Title Block Business Card etc.
    -Additionally all the layers from the selected template will be available
    -Dimensions styles will not be available

    In case you are looking to import Dim styles, layers, blocks, Text styles or whatever... Just do the following....
    (and don't try to insert any template in a layout PARADOX)

    1. Press Ctrl + 2 the a pop up window called design center is now available
    2. Select the file that you want from the folder tree on the left check the available elements on the right window and select anything that you want to import by double click...

    That's all mate

    If you cannot find an answer on these above then you need to rephrase your question...


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