How to insert a drawing template in drafting mode?

I have made diferents drawing templates (titleblock, rev block, company logo, etc) without a model and saved as templateA0.prt. I could modify .pax file to show them at New>Drawing windows but this would generate a second .prt file, as assembly.prt, once I browse the model. What I need is to use those drawing templates in the model.prt file (without the second file using New>Drawing>Browse model method) and have one file.


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you can make your own drawing template also.
first create a new part, go to drawing workbench & there make a rectangle to define sheet border & tital box as u wish, also u can put your company logo. & there after save this file in any location as .prt file
now this is your drawing template format.
whenever u need to make drawing of any part, go to drawing mode of that part & call your own created drawing template By file>import>part file. & place it.

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Hi There,
Just have a look , i think you might have edited the drawing or model templates, what you looking for is a sheet template to avoid a second .prt file opening.


If you choose drafting, do you see a choice menu like in the uploaded pics, If not please try to change the customer defaults like in the second picture of uploaded pics.

Then this is what i think the solution to your problem is:

Which PAX file/s did you edit?

There are three (native or managed is irrelevant).

ugs_model_templates.pax or nxdm_ugs_model_templates.pax is for the model templates (File -> New).
ugs_drawing_templates.pax or nxdm_ugs_drawing_templates.pax is for the drawing templates (File -> New).
ugs_sheet_templates or nxdm_ugs_sheet_templates.pax is for the sheet templates (Insert -> Sheet).

If it has nxdm_ in front, then it is used for managed mode, otherwise it's for native.

So to have your template appear in Start -> Drafting, you need to edit ugs_sheet_templates or nxdm_ugs_sheet_templates.pax

hope this helps.


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