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how to make a line tangent on two circles in solidworks?

By vipin kumar on 22 Jan 17:04 4 answers 2 comments

when i try to tangent a line on the two circles dia of one circle are changed.

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4 answers

  • fernando castro
    fernando castro over 3 years ago

    Hans de Ridder´s answer must workk, but the other way to do this is select the line and the circle at the same time pressing ctrl key on the keyboard and in the left tool bar will appear the option tangent, then you select the tangent and do the same with the other circle.
    But the solid works will automatically adjust the position or dimensions of the line and the circles so maybe if you want an specific dimension or positions you may set them first

    Answered with a tutorial:

  • Stephen Nyberg
    Stephen Nyberg over 3 years ago

    Set the diameter of the circles to a dimension or equal to each other.

  • Don Holbrook
    Don Holbrook over 3 years ago

    What about simply fixing (anchoring) the circles?

    Edit: I thought about it for 5 more seconds and realized that dimensioning is much better. Carry on!

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder over 3 years ago

    Simple.....You have two circles, than add a line close to the tangent point on the first circle..than do the same for the other circle....solidworks will automatically determine the two real tangent points.

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