How to make a pattern feature of multiple holes on a rectangular box?

How to make a pattern feature of multiple holes on a rectangular box? Till i get the answer, i will probably do it in a longer way, by sketching on other side too. But short method would be appreciated..

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I don't know NX, but in SOLIDWORKS I'd do one of the following:
- Create a circular pattern. You'll need an axis in the middle of the part, after that a simple 90° circular pattern would get you the result you want.

- If the patterns will always be the same, a derived sketch could be used. It would still need to be correctly positioned on the 2nd face, but it is better than a copy/paste

- Copy/paste can be used to copy the sketch or feature to the 2nd face. The limitation of copying is the sketches is that they won't be linked. If you ever change one sketch, you'll have to remember to also change the 2nd.

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You can use mirror feature>And select new plane as a bicector plane.
Then select both plane as you detailed in image.

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Use pattern "along", set the Layout to "offset". Your path is any curve that describes the total perimeter.

You can use Count and Span where:

Count = number of instances
Span = Arc Length % set to 100

In this case:

Count = 4
Span = 100

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Feature pattern driven based on the 'flat' side length using an equation. Changes in length, update the pattern. Pattern could then be driven to the opposite side using 'along' or 'mirror' and should always update with success for external changes.

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