How to make a working pen click mechanism in SolidWorks?

I have modeled a Pilot G-2 07 pen, and I am having trouble assembling it. I know that all of the components are concentric with one another, and I have tried applying applying a path mate to the cam followers and the cam in order to recreate the pen click that we all know. I have attempted to grab a point on the cam and using a 3-d fit spline sketch in order to give it the correct motion, however I am still unable to apply a concentric mate with the path mate being active. I understand how to mate the rest of the pen components, but I am having trouble with this complex motion. I would greatly appreciate the help.

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I would check on youtube tutorials, for adaptive springs, and if you need more I'd try with simulation, with a dinamic study. Hope to be useful Cheers!
p.s. in motion analisys you can set springs with konstant and it could fix your problem.

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