vaibhav pandey

how we can design a 3D CAD model of text writing mechanism which holds a writing device like pen/pencil and writes the required text according to the electronic input given.

Question by vaibhav pandey

we need not show the electronic circuit and the digital input devices,but we have to show all the mechanical linkages and parts such as screw, bolts, pulley, chain and sprocket, gears etc. if used.

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Laszlo Jakab
Answered on 12 Feb, 2012 12:34 PM

First of all you need to get a CAD software. I offer the Solidworks. (It has studet version: ) It's simple for beginners and it has really good help function with tutorials. And you can find other and very useful tutorials on youtube, just enter the right words (part, assembly, mechanism, animation, etc....+ solidworks) and ready.

Later, if you are very good in the basics, you can start the Electrical function and the Circuitworks in the Solidworks.

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Judith Trahan
Answered on 26 Jul, 2017 06:45 PM

Thank you Laszlo Jakab for the helpful answer this is my first experience I am here at and looking for the same question which vaibhav pandey asked, because I am newbie in 3D architecting and having many problems while working in fact I have to avail writing assistance from and got many useful idea to accomplished my project so I am really glad to be here now I can work myself.

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Taylor Wilson
Answered on 22 Nov, 2017 12:39 PM

Can I share your text writing mechanism link in my blog I have to share for an example this is art work.

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