How to make an electric engine with rotor and stator in Solidworks?

I'm working on a project that needs a big electric motor.
I want to design one myself but I'm having difficulties doing so.
I understand how it works, but I'm not too sure about how it needs to be designed.
Do you put the magnets in the rotor or the stator? How to create, and connect the coils etc.
I found plenty of bodies in the grabcad library, but none of them show the internal parts.
I would also love to see how you can create a coil around a rectangular body in solidworks or inventor!

Many thanks in advance

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3 Answers

this really doesn't answer the question of how you create this in solidworks.
The thing I really want to find out is how to make coils on a rectangular body

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Never mind, i found out how and will post a tutorial on how to create a coil around a rectangular object ;)

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