How to make an engine simulation with DMU KINEMATICS in Catia V5!?

I've tried and tried for hours. I managed to simulate the rotation of the crankshaft and the rod but i cannot link it to the cylindrical movement of the piston.Please if anyone can help me to make it work...

5 Answers

Okay... Nice assembly. But there is an Interference in your assembly :)

Answered with a tutorial:

I made the assembly but i wanted to find out what's the command that shows the interference like our couleague Shoeb Deshmukh showed us in the picture.

I managed to do it.

I haven't seen that. What's the command for viewing what's wrong and what do you propose for fixing it.Thank you in advance.

it´s easy friend, it may be so tired to explain this only writing so below you´ll find some videos to help you do your assembly.
That engine was modeled to get this purpose.