How to make animation or Gif files by simple print commands and print-screen Tab

How to make a simple Animation in Rhino by using print command to save series of pictures and create a video\ GIF.

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GIF is the collection of pictures that are put together in the series to for animation, its like filming a blossoming flower, with all the patients, we have to keep taking pictures from same distance and angel with movements happening
in the object or zooming in the uniform ratio.

Answered with a tutorial:

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make several print screens or renders (save on your hard disc)
goto a free gifmaker (
follow the instructions.....

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Sorry for this but I tried finding to upload tutorial, but it is not available so i seeked help from Grabcad help centre , below is the link that guided me how to upload tutorial. Please let me know if there any other so that i don't repeat this again

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Why do you ask a question and than giving the answer?????

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For Animation You Can Use Bongo Plugin It is Very Useful

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