How to make changeable parametric model in INVENTOR

I need a fast answer about inventor,In next sentences I will describe my problem.
I know to do some model in INVENTOR and to make link with EXCEL table and I can change dimension of the part very quickly. The problem show up (appear) when I want to use the same model (part) in other assembly BUT WITH DIFFERENT DIMENSION, When I change dimension in excel table the part change in second assembly but also in first assembly,I WONT TO HAVE THE SAME PART IN BOTH ASSEMBLY BUT WITH DIFFERENT DIMENSION ,OR NUMBER OF THE HOLEThe think which I DO NOT KNOW is how to make break link or how to make library from one model to whole serious
I know to do that in CATIA ,but in inventor I DO NOT NOW


Dragoljub Ilic Graaduated mechanical engineer

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why don't you make a " I part?"
You can make a libray in your project .
In " MANAGE " / publish part.
and in the content center editor, you can make the flanges.



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