How to make filets in inventor

Hi all,

I'm having some problems making filets between some of my tubes ( i'm designing a bike frame). I tried different ways of making the front triangle but none of them lets me make the fillet.

I now have a surface of the 4 tubes, that i can thicken to make a solid but it wont let me filet between two tubes.. I've seen tons of tutorials explaining this but even if y follow the same steps inventor keeps giving me " fillet couldn't be done as surface/fillet is to complicated, try with other inputs"

Thanks for those who are willing to help.

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hi i looked at your file Nframe1.ipt

nice work btw. i just kept on trying and found the same error. after changing some settings i found that when you change the rule setting from against part to against feature it dus make a fillet i dont know if that is what you hade in mind. as well you need to select face in source. for a faster ege fillet

good look i hope it helped

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Meu amigo Bob, Bom dia!
Por qual motivo você não cria os tubos do quadro desta bike em ambiente ipt e finaliza em uma montagem ? Uma dica, após passar para o ambiente (.iam) montagem você pode completar com as soldas no ambiente de soldagem.

My friend Bob, Good day!
For what reason you do not create the frame tubes on this bike ipt environment and terminates in a ASSEMBLY? One tip, after spending the environment (.iam) you can mount complete with welds in the welding environment.

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good question but i am not the one that initiated the problem?
could be nicola has a good reason?

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Hi there!

Thanks for the responses!
I solved my problem, actually the lower tube was "to large" compared to the upper one (at the headtube) so i couldn't make a fillet between the two tubes (horizontal and diagonal), so i changed the sizes of both tubes and now i have a nice fillet around all tree tubes. If you wish I can send you the design. The back triangle is still in progress. I don't use weldings as it is going to be a carbon frame. Should anyone have experience with Ansys workbench to do my stress analysis.. :)

Thanks for the responses!

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