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How to make inverse internal volume model?

By abhishek choubey on 13 Apr 18:17 3 answers 7 comments

I want to do a fluid flow simulation and for that I will have to make a model of internal volume of my test subject (included). It would be great if you do it for me.It would be life saver. thank you


inlet manifold ansys step.stp, 3.03 MB

3 answers

  • Robert H.
    Robert H. 6 months ago

    Here you go, Fred. I need to start charging you guys! ;-)


    modified, 1.42 MB
  • Fred  Fuchs
    Fred Fuchs 6 months ago

    I am having this problem. My model is very similar to yours. Luckily I found this question.


    modified final igs.igs, 5.49 MB

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