How to make NX 8.5+ insert part into new empty assembly by default?


I am dealing with a lot of parts/assemblies (~4500) that I need to test for level of detail and not much more in NX 8.5. I transfer the files from PartDataManager.

NX is a pain as I always have to open a new empty assembly with every new part that I transfer. It also has an insane number of pop up dialogues. Is there a way to make it so that when I select "Transfer to NX" in PartDataManager for NX to place the part into a new empty assembly file by default?

Also, since I'm using default values for everything during import, is it possible to get rid of the "add component" and "assembly constraints" dialogues?

I would appreciate any help greatly, it would save me a few days of skull numbing work :)

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It's tough to give answer to this as you are dealing with some kind of an integration between these two softwares.

Assembly Constraints dialogue shouldn't pop-up unless you choose the position method to be By Constraints while adding a part. The default setting can be changed in Customer Defaults, go to Assemblies - General and Component Operations. There choose Positioning as Absolute Origin or whatever you want it to be.

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