How to make symmetry of part in an assembly without creating a unique part number/file?

In the assembly we have two short wires with connectors. It is technically the exact same part, but it just gets routed differently. (See attached picture)

I can use the assembly symmetry command to create a mirror image. This makes the assembly *look* right.

However, when I upload it into our PLM system (Agile) it has to treat them as separate parts since the symmetry part is made of unique files. This messes up the auto-generated BOM.

Any other ideas for working around this issue? It comes up a lot with our assemblies since almost all products have these short wiring harnesses.

I don't know if we can use Variants since the PLM system will not play nice with Solidworks files with configurations.

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Yes we can.. why don't you do it in part level.

If you want single part number, you can go with mirror option in part level and then assembly it.

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