How to model a rope in Autodesk Inventor?

I have a project, and i have to draw a rope and do not know how to do that. Rope is in an " S". Can someone help me ? Thank You.

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Hi Marian,

I will try to describe how I model a rope in Rhino instead of Autodesk Inventor. I am sure you can adopt these steps to Autodesk Inventor.

The commands that you will need will be as follows;

Flow (along curve)

Answered with a tutorial:

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What about SWEEP / TWIST command? You can find it under the menu;

3D MODEL / Sweep / Sweep / Twist

You can

Answered with a tutorial:

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oh i see, well i guess you could do some sort of coil and such but that would take a sh*t load of time and it still wouldn't be dynamic, I'm sorry but as far as my skills with inventor goes, your'e pretty much screwed :/

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Hello guys!

Check the video below it is not inventor but my experience says that can be done easily!!!

Sorry no time to model an example but I can guide you in case you want to attempt it !!!

Hold on! this one is on Inventor check it out!

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Hello, Here is a part Rope / Cuerda I made for your question I hope it helps . If you would like to check it out and if you have any questions let me know. I made it in Autodesk inventor 2015.
I used arcs and then I switch to an spline, if you have an idea where is going to run this rope you could ad the positions and create constrains for either the spline or the arcs. Also you can twisted as you need. I hope this helps.

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As far as i know there is no tool for this specific task, if your rope is intended to always be S shaped then just start a new sketch, select your favourite spline tool and draw the shape of your rope, then select the offset tool and make an offset equal to the the radius of your rope, draw 1 line at each end of it to connect them, then just revolve the sketch and put some nice texture on it.

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