how to model a weld?

Does anyone know a good way to model a weld bead? I am working on a motorcycle frame and I want to be able to see the welds in the renderings. I don't want just a fillet but to be able to see the ripples of the welds. I want to have the welds be brass and the tubing, gussets, and brackets to be steel.

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Joe- I am not sure I know how to make a serpentine path and it sounds like that could become an extremely complicated drawing when all I really want to do is make a cool looking rendering.

Alex- I just tried the tutorial and it was very helpful. I made a quick little assembly to try it out however the welds do no show up when you do a rendering. I was able to see how SolidWorks draws the weld beads and decided just to add them to the individual parts and allow for interference. I will upload my assembly as soon as the rendering is finished.
Weld Model/Render Test
I think the results I got are close enough to what I was looking for. Thanks for the help. If anyone has any better ideas I would love to hear them.

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Wow, That'll be a memory HOG! (pun intended). <g>

I imagine the easiest way would be to create a somewhat "triangular" shape perpendicular to one of the frame tubes. Then create a serpentine path "dipping" in and out around the diameter of the tube. Obviously, you would then sweep the profile around the path. Vary the depth and width of the crests to your desired appearance.

Or, create a kind of "thumbnail" shape then use a circular array pattern. Might be easier.

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Hi, I wanted to do this on one of my models as well and i found the weld bead tool. I cant give you much help becuase i did stumble across it and a little bit of playing i got what i wanted. Here is a quick tutorial from Solidworks, Hope this helps

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