How to model a wirepath around sheaves in multiple planes, using Inventor 2013

Inventor 2013 professional has pipe routing and wire routing routines, but they do not accurately model how a wire path looks as it traverses across different pulleys that are located in different planes. This wire path should be straight as it would have tension on it in a real life application.
I would like to sweep a wire path around multiple V-groove sheaves. The wire path should be associated with the root groove of the sheave so that sheave diameters can be changed and the associated wire path adjust.

I have swept a circle along a 3D line and it looks fair. However, I do not know how to associate points of the 3D line to the root groove of the sheaves. When I move the sheaves, the wire path remains in its original location.

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-I can give you an answer if you provide a proper assembly with the actual position of the rollers & the potential degrees of freedom for these (rollers) as you want them to have.
-In addition you might want to consider this wire or belt or what ever it is around the rollers as an Adaptive part...
-Also Have you ever try the "V-Belt" it is in the assembly -> Design tab-> Power Transmission. I am sure that this is the right tool you are looking for and not the "Tube & Pipe" routing or the "Cable & Harness"

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