How to move Section View up and down?

It only allows to move them left/right in SolidWorks drawing

4 Answers

First of all, you shouldn't want to do that. It seems to be originated in drawing conventions. For readability of your drawing, section views are SUPPOSED to be right next to the view they originated from. If you have trouble getting all that on a single sheet, try rearranging all your views, or choose a larger sheet size.

MAYBE someone knows a workaround, but it is just no so handy and readable to have your section view on a weird orientation in relation to its originating view...

Position the section view, right click on the view and in the drop down menu, select Alignment -> Break Alignment. You can now move the view anywhere you like.

In the technical drawing part of SW, you can make Section Views by going to View Evaluate, and then choose for the Section View option. There also is a brake-away option in the Section Evaluate menu.

You make the section view by drawing a line where it needs to slice the model. If you want a partial Section View, draw the slicing line not completely through the model. SW will ask you whether you want to keep it that way and make a partial SV or a full SV. Choose the first option. Now take a gander on the place of your feature Manager Tree. You will see a 'Section View A-A' appearing there. You can right click on it and choose 'Edit Sketch'. This sill let you edit the line you have just drawn: you can lengthen it more, place it somehwere else, and after it slices what you want, just exit the sketch. If you sketch seems unable to move, check whether it has any relations with the model, and delete those relations if necessary.
Upon exiting the sketch, it may give a pop-up that there is no line selected and it will use the line you have drawn. However, that line has just been customized by you, so it will update your section view accordingly, effectively enabling you to slice half-way through an object instead of through and through.

Since I was not sure what you meant with 'up and down' in your question, I hope this answer will provide at least a hint to what you are looking for.

what i meant is after you take the section view, you need to place it somewhere on the paper. but you can only move section part left or right from the section cut line. for example if i have front view in bottom left corner and make section view from half of it, i can only place section view on paper either left side of front view or right side. i cant place it on top of front view.
i tested some other angles of cutting section view, you can only place it in 2 directions from cut lines. isn't there a way to place section view anywhere i want??