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How to open an STL format file with CATIA??

By rumman ahsan on 28 Sep 02:00 3 answers 5 comments

I need to open a few STL format file with catia. I am not very well skilled with catia and haven't done this sort of thing before. Please help me with some detailed instruction.


GM-TYPE_SQWD_M6x1.0Px14x6.5.stl, 801 KB
HEX_WD_M6x1.0Px12x7.stl, 357 KB
SQ_WD_M6(B10)_TYPE.stl, 734 KB
SQ_WD_M6(B12)_TYPE.stl, 704 KB

3 answers

  • G15
    G15 about 4 years ago

    Start a CATProduct !
    Insert existing Parts
    Select the STL files

    Best regards

  • Kővágó Zoltán
    Kővágó Zoltán over 3 years ago

    First you need an RE2 license. Then go to the "Digitized Shape Editor" environment, then Insert -> Import. Sufrace creation can be made in "Quick Surface Reconstruction" environment.

  • Tanvir Kaisar
    Tanvir Kaisar about 3 years ago

    can a .stl file be opened with solidworks??

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