How to open solid works file in Inventor? Please

I would like to open a solid works file with inventor 2010 but always got a problem with inventor translation report/ status= error.
Please could you help to tell me how to open it.
ex. file: Propeller Blade
Thank you,

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6 Answers

The original Solidworks file was most likely created with a newer version of Solidworks that 2010 Inventor can convert.

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Thank you all so much for your answer help!

Nick, i tried w/option set the same as but still have problem can not open it (translation report/ status= error)
But i m luck w/ your STEP file. Thank you!
i am trying scale it down to OD 67mm, hope i can.

Thanks a gain, Phil

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I'm not sure why you can't open it, it opens fine for my using Inventor 2011. What are your settings set to when you click on the options button before trying to open the solid works file? I've attached a screen shot of my settings if that helps. I've also saved it as a STEP file, try opening that one and see if you have any luck with that.

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Hi phil I would agree with Kevin
There is still away around it :)
download the STEP file and open that with IV as STEP files are multi platform and there will be no issues with that :) if there is not a STEP file for the model you can ask who uploaded there model to upload a STEP file and I am sure they will be more than happy to help you out...

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Opsss sorry Nick I didn't read your comment before I put my own in LoL'ss :P

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Thank you all,
Nick, i ve got a new w/ OD67mm opened. its great!
Thanks, Phil

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