How to print a text on a solid/surface model?

is it possible to print a text over a solid model in catia v5

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Sure is.
Create a drawing in V5 place your text (If it is for macining use text ROM 1 If it is text that you want to remove from a solid use something like a TRUE TYPE font) also size it here.
When done create a dxf file of the drawing.
Next open 3d model then open dxf file. In the dxf copy the text.
Now go back to 3d and get into the catpart you want to apply the text.
If it is a curved surface place three points where you want the text.
create a plane there. Now there are 2 different things you can do here
if it text for nc machining create a sketch on the plane and copy your text to the sketch place the text where you want it. Now get out of sketch and go into
Generative shape comand and pick on the create datum (This breaks the links) then pick the projection icon now select the solid. your text will be applied. Now if you want to remove or add the text to the solid follow the same steps as in creating a sketch but instead go into PART DESIGN here you can
either make a solid or subtract from a solid or add to the solid.
Hope this helps

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another alternative is to use the wrap feature you can emboss or deboss a sketch projection over the surface

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