How to project curve with 3 sketch in Solidworks?

I have a real pipe
then I have drawn three projections,
how to project curve with 3 sketch in Solidworks?
help me, please!
attached files Solidworks 2017 and Autocad 2D 2007

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I would like to help you but the version of SOLIDWORKS that I own is 2016 and I can not open the piece, pass it to me but in a version 2016 or less and with pleasure I help you as much as possible

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You do not have a profile for the tube. But even if you did, I believe you will have another issue where the bottom sketch (named 'top plane') meets the vertical sketch (called 'Front plane') because of the curvature and sharp turns. (dependent on tube OD though, and may be possible)

Your best bet is to create the profile for the tube and then combine all of your sketches into a path before lofting the tube through.

Image below is for Angel R.

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The sketches make no sense to me, but you can project two of them to form a single curve. A screenshot is attached.
The Right Plane sketch falls short of the origin, I'd fix it before proceeding, but as I said, this makes no sense to me.

After the projected curve is made, I guess the goal is to sweep the Top Plane profile along it? I don't think it will work. When the profile crashes into itself, the feature will fail.

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OK, the 2D profiles make more sense.
I thought you were trying to sweep the "top profile" along the projected curve, but this is really just a piece of bent tubing.

I have no idea what the dimensions are, but a file is attached. You should be able to follow along and modify the dimensions as needed.

Check my model though, because comparing the solid to the original sketches makes it look like mine is "backwards" or somehow mirrored.

The two profiles are not of the exact same height, so a small variation will exist between the 3D model and the sketches.

You had the right idea to use projected sketches. It just went wrong when you added the top profile to the mix.

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